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1. What is Hill Climb Racing?

Hill Climb Racing is the racing game designed by Fingersoft Company in 2012. It is possible to play using different types of operating systems such as Android, IOS and Windows Phone. All you have to do is to get into the vehicle and drive as far as you can. The main character is called Newton Bill. As you may not know he likes to travel by choosing different vehicles and try them on various stages. You have to help him reach his goal by collecting coins, buying new vehicles, unlocking the stages and reach your maximum score on all of the stages!

2. How to play?

To play this game you need a Smartphone or an IPhone device. As you may notice on the bottom left and right sides you have pedals. One is called "Brake" and the other one "Gas". You have to be careful because you have to balance the vehicle all the time and make sure to not kill the driver or the game will be over. Don't worry! after you die you will see a screen showing you your distance you have reached, how many coins you have earned, how many flips and backflips you have made and also if you made a neckflip.

3. How do I earn coins?

Yep! Coins are very important but the easiest way to earn them is to play on any stage and collect coins there. The coins are waiting for you on the "road" and as you may notice if you go further you will earn more coins. That's the first method, another one is to reach the stage level and you will be rewarded. You can see your progress on top of the left side of your screen. The more levels you complete, the more coins you will earn. The next method is to make all kinds of flips, backflips and the neckflip. Remember! You can make just one neckflip per game so use it when the times right. Every flip will give you 1000 coins, backflip also gives you 1000 coins and neckflip 2500. Also there are other methods to earn coins such as watching videos, liking the game and buy coins with your real money. Making loops will also give you 1000 coins same as delivering presents.

4. How do I balance my vehicle?

It's very simple to do that but also you have to be careful. Look at the screenshots below. What would you do in here? Would you hold "Brake" or "Gas"?


The answer is brake because you have to make sure your vehicle will go towards the land not at your drivers head. This is another example. What would you do in here?

That's right you have to hold the brake. Just kidding. You have to hold gas pedal because if you won't do that your vehicle will roll over and the game will be over. If you are lucky the spoiler or the back side of the car will bounce off and your vehicle will make a backflip.

5. Why is my vehicle not moving?

Possibly you died or your vehicle run out of fuel. To overcome dying you have to make sure you are balancing your vehicle in a right way. At the beginning it will be difficult if you are a new player but you will get used to it. On different stages the fuel is placed differently such as on Highway. If you go further then it will be much more difficult to find the fuel. Let's conclude if you die your vehicle will stop moving and if you run out of fuel the same thing will happen.

6. How to buy a new vehicle or a stage?

To buy a new vehicle or a stage you will need coins. Simply play on the available map and try collect as many coins as you can. If you have enough coins then tap on a locked stage and purchase it. You have to do exact same thing for the vehicles. You will need millions of coins to buy everything. Remember, this game is fun so don't get angry or upset. Good luck!

7. How do I upgrade the vehicle?

Let's say you want to upgrade the Minibike. Before you get on the stage you will see a screen of the vehicle's upgrade. First one is the "Engine" then "Suspension", "Tires" and "Fuel". To upgrade something simply touch on any of four icons and upgrade it. I would recommend to start from upgrading the Engine because you need to reach the furthest distance as you can and earn coins to upgrade more stuff. Then you can upgrade tires because it gives you speed too and other parts you can upgrade later on. Remember that the fuel is also very important because you can reach higher distance.

8. How do I make a flip, backflip and a neckflip?

To make these tricks you need a good vehicle. To show you this I have used the Monster Truck. Let's first try to make a flip. You can simply do that by unlocking a stage called Moon. If you see a nice big hill so at the end you have to be quick. When you see that the vehicle will make a jump, hold only the "Brake" pedal. As you can see you have made a flip. Ok, that was easy let's move on to a backflip. My advice is to use "Monster Truck" or the "Motocross Bike". Motocross Bike is the one of the easiesr ways to make all kind of flips. You have to do exact same thing as with flip but after you make a jump from the hill hold "Gas". Nice one. Now let's do a neckflip. But be careful. If you make a neckflip the game will be over because driver will be dead. To do a neckflip you will have to kill the driver and luckily make a flip. You can easily do that by using Motocross Bike. Good luck!

9. How do I make a loop and deliver presents?

Loops can be only made on the "Roller Coaster" stage using any vehicle. When you are playing, on your way you will find circles. Simply drive through them by making a loop and that's it. You can deliver presents by going to "Northpole". On your way you will find a gingerbread house and presents inside there. To deliver them you have to use your vehicle to push them to the chimneys which will be waiting for you on your way. Push the present inside the chimney and boom! Present delivered. Be careful because if you take too long your presents will disappear and you will have to look for different presents awaiting for you to deliver.

10. How do I earn achievements?

You can earn achievements by doing many things. To see what you need to do go to the main screen and click "More" and "Achievements". All achievements will pop up and there will be a short description of what to do. As an example let's say you want to earn "Monster Mayhem" achievement. It is not difficult to get but it really takes time to get it. You have to drive 1000km which is 100.000 meters. It's very long but this is how you get vehicle's achievements.

11. How do I know if there is an update to my game?

An information will appear on top of your mobile's screen or simply go to "Google Play", "Play Store" or "Windows Store" depending on what type of system you have installed. If there is a new update you will see an icon of Hill Climb Racing. Tap on it and update it. Make sure you have enough space on your device or the game won't update.

12. Does this game saves my progress?

Yes it does! Thanks to Fingersoft they made a "Cloud Save" which allows you to have a save game online. You have to make sure you have an internet connection and in Hill Climb Racing you have to go to;

"More" and "Sign In to Cloud". Then you will have to wait until the game connects with your Google account. When the game conencts you have to go to "Achievements" and on the lower right corner you will see a joystick buttons. Tap it and all your achievements will appear. Go back, "Sign Out" and the game is saved. You have to make sure to save your game very often because if your phone crashes the game won't be saved and you may lose some progress. But don't worry the save game won't be deleted.

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All About Hill Climb Racing - All Information You Need To Know

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